Welcome to “The Final Countdown: Internship Edition.” This is the spot where you can exclusively find my personal experiences, tips, and tricks towards the internship process. Although everyone’s internship journey is different, this blog series will highlight my final countdown as an intern at the Groovy Garfoose, which brings me one step closer to becoming an MT-BC! Thanks for reading, Bri!


Gratitude. A word most of us hear on a regular basis around this time of the year. But, what does it mean? I love how the word gratitude is so versatile, because it means something different to everyone! For me gratitude is a word that helps me reflect on all that I have and how I’ve grown in the past year, especially now that the year is ALMOST over! To help my reflection reach its fullest potential, I created a personal “Gratitude Checklist.” My checklist includes positive words that hold personal meaning, especially over the past year. I love checklists because they can be personalized to you and your story! For example, the word growth to me means my growth as an intern at the GG.  But, growth can mean something different to you, or you might even have a completely different word in mind! Here’s my personal “Gratitude Checklist” as an inspiration to help get yours started:










I encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day to create your own checklist and to find a safe space to keep it. When times become difficult, revisit your checklist. For myself, it reminds me there’s more to be thankful for than that hard time that I’m experiencing. As I conclude always remember to:

Relax. Reflect. Be Grateful!