Earlier this month, Bonnie and Ellen went on a self-care retreat in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Here’s what we learned!

Self-care is caring for your own needs in each moment to help care for your best self. Why is it important for a music therapist to practice self-care? Here are some highlights from our retreat.

Self-Care is not a reward

Sometimes we feel once we’ve accomplished all our goals for the day, then you can indulge in caring for yourself. This assumption is a myth, and can actually be detrimental to our mental health and how we accomplish the tasks throughout the day. For music therapists, this can mean how we best serve our clients.

Self-Care is a daily occurrence

While getting your nails done, or going out to dinner with a friend is fun and rewarding, it may require some extra support to truly care for yourself. Creating a daily routine like journaling, exercise, or even taking a deep breath are all ways to care for yourself on a daily basis.

Self-Care is unique

Not everyone’s self-care is the same. Nor should it be! Taking time to examine your personal needs. Just like everyone human on earth is different, so is everyone’s version of self-care. Take some time to think, and even write down, what YOU need to care for yourself.

Do you have self-care practices in place now? We’d love to learn from you and how you best care for your amazing self!