On Valentine’s Day, the world focuses so much on love for romantic partners, but this Valentine’s Day, we want to share a music therapy intervention that focuses on self-love and appreciating what’s inside your heart. Best part? This intervention was designed for virtual music therapy and can be easily adapted to individuals and groups across all age groups. 

This re-written song is based on “Put a Little Love in Your Heart.” Listen here to learn the tune. First, create a Google Slides presentation for best success. Introduce the theme. What do you have inside your heart?

Next, show a big picture of an empty heart. This represents your client’s or group members’ hearts.

Then, if your group members can share what they have inside their hearts, insert a text box, and start writing them inside the heart.

If your group members benefit from visuals, then show them a slide of choices. You can personalize these for your client, depending on what you know about them or their specific goals.

Once they have chosen, copy and paste into the heart on the second slide. 

If your client or group members benefit from decreased options, then set your slides up this way. Be sure to copy the small versions of your visuals so they fit inside the heart easily!

Continue singing through the verse on slide 1 until you fill your heart or till is appropriate your specific goals in this intervention.

You can use this verse to conclude the song or as a transition between choices. 

We hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with love not only for others but yourself too!