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♫On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me, the apple camera connection kit.♫

Apple Camera Connection Kit

Cost: $30

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Description: Believe it or not, this little gadget is on my wish list this Christmas, but not for the reasons you might think.  Although the main purpose of this kit is for uploading photos from your camera onto your iPad1 or iPad2, the kit serves MANY other purposes, specifically connecting a USB Blue Snowball Microphone with the iPad.  The Snowball mic is perfect for recording with garage band, but I don’t like using my laptop in sessions.  Enter the Snowball+Camera connector+iPad. Simply plug the USB Snowball into the camera connector, then into the iPad and your ready to go!  The Mic is recognized by tons of recording apps, but I plan to use mine with the garage band app.

Applications for Music Therapy: record, record, record!

Video Sample: Since I don’t have a connector yet, here is a great how-to video I found on youtube to better explain the logistics.


Have you ever tried the Blue Snowball Mic? Or better yet, used it to record on your iPad?