♫On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, the 12 string acoustic app.♫

12 String Lite

Cost: FREE!

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Description: 12 String Lite is a simple yet high quality app for playing acoustic guitar. For one, it’s free AND two, it has tons of great options for  all while boasting excellent sound quality. 12 String gives you three view options TOP, SIDE and FRETS which is great for maneuvering how you want your client hold the iPad and strum. 12 String also allows you to play the guitar Left handed. Playing chords (I, IV, V, V/V, iii, ii, vi) in every key is as simple as pressing the desired chord button.  To strum the chord tap on the desires strings individually or in a sweeping motion like you would with a real guitar.  12 String also gives you the option to use a capo, metronome or one of 7 pre-programmed strumming patterns with options to adjust the tempo to the desired speed.  Wow. That’s a lot of options for a FREE app!  If you still need more from an acoustic guitar app, check out the HD version of this app on iTunes.  This version will cost you $3.99.

Applications for Music Therapy: fine motor development, hand-eye coordination, choice and control, letter matching, impulse control, following multiple-step directions, also great for adapted guitar lessons.

Video Sample: See 12 String in action!


Simple guitar apps are hard to find. Have you had success with 12 String Lite or another guitar app?  Tell me about your experiences in the comments!