At the Groovy Garfoose, we are proud of what our all of our clients accomplish in their music therapy sessions. For Autism Awareness Month, we want to share with you a song by one of our clients that encourages and inspires those of all abilities. Composing, practicing, recording, and sharing original music is a creative way to express yourself, build self-confidence, and give back to your community.

Here is Lift Every Voice & Sing , just one song by the band  that formed within our music therapy sessions: “The Garfooses.”  The mission of “The Garfooses,” collaborated on with all members of the band, is to inspire and help people realize they’re wonderful just the way they are!

We were given permission by parents and clients to share this video with our community. Please click on the video to see the full screen!



Verse 1 :

If you’re feeling nervous, like you have no purpose

There’s 2 minutes till the show comes on

The tension builds up inside you.

You want to run and hide you think that this sounds worse than it has to


I know it seems hard, like it’s not meant to be

But there is something great inside you; set your voice free


Lift every voice & sing, let the voices ring

When we sing together, we can do anything.

Lift every voice & sing, just let out everything

Doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong

These voices can bring, joy to the world

Lift every voice & sing

Verse 2:

When you walk on the stage, and you have shaking knees

You can’t pick up the microphone; You feel like you can’t sing

Let your confidence guide you through everything you’ll do

Never look behind you; what I’m saying is true


Everyone feels this way sometimes

Don’t let it tear you down

Everyone feels this way sometimes

But you can come around