Intervention Share Time:

Summer isn’t over until…September 22. Even though we are back in school, I’m still wanting to share some summertime fun with my kiddos!  Remember the popular song “Everything is Awesome” from the Lego Movie?  Well I took it upon myself to adapt this into a songwriting experience to reminisce about summer break.


First, students share something “Awesome” they did over the summer.  Perhaps a visual of some summertime suggestions like – swimming, fireworks, baseball games, etc., can help jump start ideas or give those who are non-verbal the opportunity to engage more fully in the experience.

Write down these ideas!  The song works best if you group ideas into 3’s. (see below).

Then, work on having the group sing the word “Awesome” on your cue, to increase participation.

Students keep the beat by clapping/stomping/playing rhythm sticks, etc.

Now, sing your summertime song!


Here’s an example:

Summertime was AWESOME

Summer was as cool as we thought it would be

Summertime was AWESOME

We were living our summertime dreams


________ and ________ and ________ it was AWESOME

________ and _________ and ________ it was AWESOME

________ and _________ and ________ it was AWESOME

(Return to the top and repeat)


So many ways to adapt, so go for it and keep enjoying your AWESOME summer!

– Sarah Chappell, MT-BC