2012Happy New Year from the Groovy Garfoose! And thank you for an awesome 2012!  So many great things happened this past year, I thought I would share a few highlights and give you a sneak peak as to what’s in store in 2013!

*2012 started with a fundraiser for our Under the Sea music camp. With generous donations coming in from all over the world (Yes, the world! Donations came in from the US, Canada and Europe!), you helped us raise $2,000 to give 20 teens and adults with special needs a FREE music camp experience last June.  My partners in crime, Amanda and Kellie, and I have already been making plans for 2013 and we want to invite YOU to be a part of it.  Subscribe to the GG blog today to stay up to date on how you can help us offer another FREE music camp in June 2013!

*In 2012 I continued to share “There’s An App For That” reviews for music therapists and educators.  By far the most popular post of the year was my point-by-point comparison of the iPad 2, 3, 4 and mini, which you might find helpful in choosing the iPad generation that is right for you and your clientele.  I also expanded upon the “There’s An App For That” blog series and created an online CMTE course at Music Therapy Ed which is chock-full of exclusive video app reviews, therapeutic applications, best practice tips, accessory recommendations and client examples which you won’t find anywhere online.  You can learn more about the course by clicking here.  Already took the course and looking for MORE iPad awesomeness in 2013? Have no fear, subscribe to the GG blog for email updates every time I post an app review AND for the launch of a brand new iPad CMTE course, “There’s An App For That: Part 2” at Music Therapy Ed coming in late Spring 2013!

*The GG also brought you two new blog series in 2012 which grew in popularity as the year progressed.  The Groovy Guest Post series featured a new post every month from some of the most influential people in my life.  Life brings us people that make us think, change, grow and love and I’m so grateful for each person that shared a part of themselves on the blog this year!  The second blog series, Songs for the Months, started in April 2012 and will continue through March 2013. This has been my favorite series to write/compose this past year because it forced me to sit down at the piano more and compose.  Haven’t heard any of the season-inspired tracks yet?  Take a listen here and tell me what you think. =)

*In 2013, the GG has lots in store for YOU, our faithful readers and supporters!  First, (no more hinting!) I’m so excited to share that you can now subscribe to the GG to receive email updates!  Sign-up here and you will receive a FREE song download, lyric/chord sheet and visual aide for my brand new song, “Silly ,Nilly, Shaker Song”!  Second, the blog has two new pages full of content I hope you will find valuable. The SONGS page links you to my Bandcamp site where you can listen and download all of my original songs.  The APPS page opens up to a laundry list of my favorite apps by category with links to the dozens of reviews I’ve already done and will continue to do in the new year.  My hope is that these resources will be helpful to you and your clientele in 2013!  Finally, I’ve added a new section in the sidebar of GG for sponsors.  After connecting and meeting with a bunch of app developers this year, many have asked to advertise and support the GG to which I am so honored!  Sponsorship isn’t just for app developers, though.  I’m inviting YOU to take part as well! All the details can be found here.  I look forward to promoting YOUR business, product or expertise on the GG in 2013!

I have a few more tweaks planned for the blog in the new year, but I’ll keep those under wraps for now. Here’s to keeping it GROOVY in 2013. Cheers!