Today and on the 25th of every month of 2012 I have invited 12 of the most influential people in my life to share a blog post with you!  Each has influenced me both professionally and personally. My hope is that the knowledge, kindness, creativity, and compassion they have shared with me will reflect through their post in a way that YOU will be encouraged, entertained, challenged and strengthened to continue to strive for excellence as a professional and as a person.

Sometimes completely letting go and surrendering myself to my feelings, making my feelings BIGGER than real life, exaggerating them, and going absolutely ballistic helps me get through challenging times. When everything is chaotic, then I carry no responsibility for being in control. It’s liberating, and eventually the chaotic process can lead to relaxation. The following poem is an example.

The waiting
the worry
the quiet
the blurry
Idea of what could be.

The gasp
the unknown
the call on
the phone
I can’t see the harmony.

The season
is here
so full
of cheer
But why am I so scared?

The moment
is coming.
The fear
is drumming
I’ll STOP! and say a prayer.

The beauty
of healing
is that
of the feelings
That swing us to-and-fro.

I know
it’ll pass
But maybe
it’ll last
No matter. I do not know.

Just like
the song
that carries
the aches and pains and desires.

The twists
and turns,
the blaze
that burns
The warmth that depends on the fire.

is life!
And there
is strife!
Sings my mind in humming.

I know
down deep
so low
That feeling is better than numbing.

Kat Fulton, MM, MT-BC is a music therapist practicing in San Diego. She runs a website dedicated to online CMTEs for music therapists, she drums with older adults, and she loves to play sports on the side.