Boo! It’s time for us to share some of our favorite Halloween songs and interventions with all of you. These can all be adapted across population, but keep in mind age-appropriateness, abilities, and preferences of the group!

The Addams Family – Use the theme song from the spooky TV show to address cognitive skills, such as attention and impulse control.

  1. Either play a recording or use a LIVE version of the song.
  2. Instruct clients to only tap their sticks, play the drum, snap their , clap their hands, etc. TWO times when they are cued by the ascending “bum bum bum bum.”
  3. During the verse they can play how they please.
  4. This can be adapted by singing during the “bum bum bum bum” and replacing it with instructions such as “now tap up high” or “behind your bak” for additional prompting as needed.

If You’re Spooky & You Know It – This is the name of a singable story, but I have also found it adapts well across ages for motor skills

  1. Sing to the tune of “If You’re Happy & You Know It”
  2. Write cards so that one side has a “Halloween word” like creepy or wicked and the other side has a direction like “wiggle your fingers” or “laugh like a witch”
  3. Put the cards in a drum or a “cauldron” that different group members have to pick from.
  4. Go through the song with new words and movements your clients pick.

Hope you enjoy these Halloween Interventions.

As a bonus, here are some of our favorite Halloween songs. How will YOU use them in a session?

Thriller, Monster Mash, Witch Doctor, Ghostbusters, Purple People Eater, Time Warp, Love Potion #9, Little Drop of Poison, I Put a Spell on You, Charlie Brown theme, The Munsters, Abracadabra.