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As a student in college, one of my favorite modern composers to study in music history was John Cage.  He was a highly creative “mover and shaker” (quiet literally) in contemporary music.  He most famously invented the “prepared piano” in which he would strategically and sometimes randomly place bolts, screws, and other objects in between, beneath and above the strings of the piano to create unique, new sounds.  As a music therapist, I now find John Cage’s work even more fascinating because of the unique ways in which my clients express themselves physically, verbally, emotionally, socially and even musically.  My clients constantly amaze me with creative and new ways to play an instrument to connect with the music, me and others around them.  And now, I can present them with yet another unique app full of sounds and possibilities inspired by John Cage and his prepared piano!  Read on for the full review:

John Cage Piano App PicJohn Cage Piano

Cost: FREE for iPhone & Android, $.99 for iPad

Read the Reviews: iTunes Review

Video Description and Demonstration:

Applications for Music Therapy: Improvisation, music creation, music exploration, self-expression and creativity, choice and control, music listening, letter matching, object matching


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