Technology has been a HUGE part of my journey as a music therapist.  Each week I will share a video, resource, tutorial, app review or technology tip that I have found useful in keeping my music therapy practice and my business in tip-top technology shape! Stay in the technology loop by subscribing to GG here.

Social media doodles elementsSocial Media.  A way in which we connect, network, market and communicate online.  With so many social media platforms to choose from, it can become overwhelming to choose which options fit your business best, let alone manage each platform.  As a business owner, I tend to rely primarily on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.  For those profiles, I have found some great online resources to keep those platforms looking awesome, personal and, well, groovy. 😉

The first resource I would like to share is The Ultimate Social Media Image Cheat Sheet. This post from The Financial Brand (a website for financial marketing) contains the pixel dimensions for cover photos, profile photos, tabs, headers, backgrounds and banners for FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube all in one place. Bookmark anyone?! Yes, please!

The second resource is one that I recently discovered when I was searching for an easy way to create a logo without having to learn Photoshop or Illustrator (someday, right?!).  Pagemodo is a great social media resource for design tips and tricks.  This post, Design Software Options That Won’t Break Your Small Business Budget highlights a bunch of easy-to-use graphic design software from $0-$49.  In addition to this list, I would definitely encourage you to check out PicMonkey, a fun site for photo and collage editing.

Do you have resources you use to keep your social media profiles looking awesome?  Chime in below in the comments!


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