Technology is ever growing, which means it’s become more accessible to many. I have found it to be essential for planning, practicing, session time, and as a tool to share with our clients that can be utilized at home. Below you will find two of my favorite apps that create easy for planning and tuning.

Key Detect ($2.99)

This app is my go to when I need to know the key of a song quickly. By just pressing start, this app can detect the key and it’s chord changes of a song, whether it is recorded or live. I find it most useful when learning a song that is not well-known, meaning the lead sheet isn’t available online, or to detect what key a client is improvising in.I’ve found it to be more accurate when analyzing instrumental music, but is usually 75% correct when vocals are included into a recorded song. Overall, this app is easy to use and cuts my planning time in half when learning a new song for a client.

GuitarTuna or Ukulele Tool Kit (small fee)

With many clients showing interest in learning how to play instruments for leisure skills, I found it important to share either one of these tuning apps as a tool to take home for families. Being able to tune either a guitar or ukulele at home encourages independence, familiarity since it is used in session, and predictability. When tuning on either app, there is a visual of a guitar or uke.When out of tune, the colors shown on the app are either red or yellow. When the string becomes perfectly in tune, the letter will light up green. Each app also includes tabs for each chord as a reference point when practicing at home. Overall, this app is essential when tuning quickly and is a tool to incorporate music into a client’s home life.