The Summit County Board of DD has created the Family Engagement Program to allow your family to access your community the way you choose. Family Support Services funds can be now be used as a match for Waivers. It can be used when services or supports cannot be paid for by Waivers. The purpose of this program is to help families access money for services or equipment ahead of time, without worry or burden.

The Family Engagement Program is eligible if you are:

  • A child or young adult age 0-22
  • Living at home with parent or guarding
  • Not receiving waiver funding

To access this program, simply contact your Summit DD SSA, Referral & Support Spet, or Developmental Spet, and they will walk you through the process. Need your SSA’s contact info? Check out our How to Contact Your SSA blog at

We are so excited for the Family Engagement Program of Summit County, because the funding can be used to fund music therapy services and our summer camp. As Holly Brugh, the Director of Service & Support Administration and Children’s Services, says “The more children and young adults with disabilities engage in their communities, the more relationships they develop, and ultimately – the better our communities become.”

In addition to the Family Engagement Program of Summit County, The Groovy Garfoose accepts 3rd party funding from:

  • Family Resource Services of Lake County
  • Autism Scholarship Program
  • Jon Peterson Scholarship Program
  • The SELF Waiver

Please contact with any questions about funding sources and have a groovy week!