Close-up of IciclesOver the course of the next 12 months I’m sharing original songs for piano that correspond to the current month.  Each composition will include nature sounds to enhance the piece and reflect the season (thank you handy, dandy iPad!).  My goal for this series is two-fold.  First, is to make myself sit down and compose on the piano more often.  After 25 years of playing, I can definitely say that it never gets old.  But finding the extra time to do it can be tricky.  My hope is this series will keep me accountable. =) My second goal is to share some new music that you, your clients or students might find relaxing and enjoyable as you reflect on the current month.

This month Ohio didn’t disappoint providing me with all kinds of crazy weather as inspiration! Snow, rain, lightning, wind, slush and even a snow day. 😉 I love experimenting with all kinds of music techniques and this month I decided to add drone effect to mirror the continuous rain and snow we have been experiencing.  I really like the finished product and I hope you will too! Take a listen to January and let me know what you think!  You can also listen to the previous songs of the months below.  Enjoy!

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