Today’s blog will highlight a variety of ways to keep the continuity of music while having limited instruments, whether in person or virtual. Please enjoy the various interventions and tips below:

Musical Twister

Turning classic games into musical experiences has been a HIT with multiple populations. Musical Twister focuses on the production of the music and recording the client’s original creation. For this intervention, the materials included a color coded chart that looks like a mini twister board, as shown below. These colors on the board will match the colors of bells or boomwhackers. The client will either verbalize their preferred color pattern that they would like to create OR spin a digital spinner with the colors listed to make the patterns less predictable. Once the pattern is created, the client will listen as the MT recreates their composition on the bells or boomwhackers. This melody can be enhanced by recording it on the app “Music Memos” which will then automatically add additional percussion to the piece. The client can either keep the song instrumental OR create lyrics by writing their own or mixing and matching various lyrics from favorite songs for the completion of their piece that can be recorded and shared with them to keep.

Body Percussion

Body percussion has been pertinent, especially since it is accessible to all when many instruments might not be available. Youtube has been eye opening in the sense of all that it has to offer. There are many videos already created that add an additional visual element when trying to learn complex rhythms. Some of my favorite body percussion videos are listed below. 

Additional Visuals

Creating additional visual elements in programs such as Google Slides has helped enhance a variety of styled interventions. Focus and attention has seemed to increase when following a presentation and  has also enhanced discussions when added to a listening experience.

Below is a screenshot of a slide used for a “musical alphabet” intervention. This intervention highlighted positive songs of various genres that start with each letter of the alphabet. Client’s can make their name musical by picking songs that describe them. I added my name and musical choices for reference:

B eautiful 

R ise

I like to move it