Yesterday I was introduced to a really cool app by a client’s mom. I couldn’t wait to get home to download it, because 1, it was FREE, and 2, I have been on the hunt for a really simple schedule app for a while now.  I’m happy to report the search is over and I hope you and your clients will benefit from this recommendation, too!


Cost: FREE!

Read the Review: iTunes Preview

Description: Sounding board is just that, an alternative device for communication (or AAC).  The moto on the opening screen says it all, “Conceive. Create. Communicate.”  The app interface is simple. Create schedule boards with 1 to 9 choices per board using built in icons or by taking pictures of objects with your device’s built-in camera.  Next, record the prompt you wish to play when a client or student chooses the object and your done.  It’s really that simple!

Music Therapy Goal Areas: Expressive communication, making choices

Sample Demo of my Music Schedule Boards:


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