Cost: FREE ($179.95 for a lifetime subscription to TapToTalk Designer)

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Description: Perfect for iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Android, Kindle, Nook, PC or Mac, Blackberry or Nintendo DS (WOW!), TTT (TapToTalk) is the ultimate Augmentative and Alternative communication (AAC) app.  Upon opening TTT you can browse the starter album which offers pictures and text for communicating feelings and basic wants and needs. Simply “tap” the picture and the speaker “talks” (ie: tap toilet and hear “I have to go to bathroom.”).  The real “meat” of this app is in the lifetime subscription of TTT Designer which offers you 2,500 pictures, 12,000 SymbolStix icons and the ability to add your own pictures or icons from multiple sources.  TTT Designer also allows you to record your own text or sound in any language and the capability to organize your pictures and icons in a variety of albums specific to your child/client.  Another great feature is the option to use every picture, icon, album you create across ALL your devices at no additional cost.  This means if you have a laptop at home and an iPod Touch at work, you can use TapToTalk Designer with both devices.  $179.95 might seem like a lot to pay initially, however, the versatility of this app and the cost (believe it or not) is FAR less than what you would pay for an AAC-specific device that can only be used as an AAC device.

Applications for Music Therapy: TTT certainly has implications for language and communication goals in music therapy, but it is also a very practical tool for creating schedules for clients/groups that need more structure and predictability in their sessions.  TTT allows for up to 12 icons/pictures per screen and can easily accommodate a music therapy schedule.

See the TapToTalk Designer in action:


Given it’s price, TapToTalk isn’t for every music therapist. However, for those MT’s (and especially speech therapists!!!) who work towards language and communication goals as a primary target, this app is a must-have.  A BIG thank you to Kathy Schumacher for introducing me to this fabulous app.  Happy Tappin’ and Talkin’!