In honor of The Groovy Garfoose’s 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, I’m sharing my “Top 10s” at the beginning of each month. This month I’m sharing the top 10 ways to incorporate music into your life (no musical experience necessary!).

Woman in Red Sweater Holding White Ipad

  1. Use apps music therapists use. There is an app for EVERYTHING, and music is no exception. Click here for a tutorial by our founder, Bonnie Hayhurst, on how to use one of our favorite fun apps, Incredibox.Person Holding Drums
  2. Give your positive affirmations a beat. Positive affirmations are all the rage in 2019, but have you tried saying yours to a beat to help it be more effective. Click here for a video on just how to use rhythm to make your positive affirmations STICK.Woman Wearing Black Jacket With White Headphones
  3. Make a playlist to workout. Music therapy research shows that the tempo of music can be a significant motivator for endurance while exercising. Try using a music streaming service, like Spotify or Apple Music, to customize a playlist to help you work out better.White Bedspread Beside Nightstand With White and Copper Table Lamp
  4. Use music in your bedtime routine. Pick your ideal song to play while getting ready for bed. Over time, associating a certain song with sleep can help prepare your mind for rest.Person Holding Pen Leaning on Table
  5. Express yourself through music. Use songwriting to help you! can’t think of a song off the top of your head. Rewrite a favorite like “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”Silver-colored Microphone
  6. Sing in a choir. There are physical and emotional benefits to SINGING. Search for community choirs in your area (or rock out in your car!)Red Theater Chair Lot Near White Concrete Pillars
  7. Go to a concert. One of the easiest ways to experience music is through going to concerts. Check out sensory-friendly concerts in our area here.Person Playing Ukulele
  8. Learn a musical instrument. Don’t know where to start? Check out a ukulele from your local library.Shallow Focus Photography of Five People Holding Each Other Hands
  9. Look for music therapy wellness groups in your area. Stay tuned for music therapy wellness groups by the Groovy Garfoose. In the meantime, check out an intervention we used with our groups here.Silhouette of Man at Daytime
  10. Meditate with music. Just like we mentioned with exercise and a bedtime routine, pairing music with meditation can make it more accessible.

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