The 12th app recommendation is here! Before I reveal it to you, let’s take a quick look back at how we got here over the last 11 days…no singing necessary. =)  Here we go:

First Day – the best resource for special needs apps.

Second Day- the BeatBox Pad app.

Third Day- the Apple Camera Connection Kit.

Fourth Day- the 12 String Acoustic app.

Fifth Day- the Rainstick app.

Sixth Day- the Relax Melodies app.

Seventh Day- the Airharp app.

Eighth Day- the Beatwave app.

Ninth Day- The MusicNotes app.

Tenth Day- the Guitar Tuner app.

Eleventh Day- the iCloud.

And now, without further adieu….drumroll please….

♫On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, GarageBand app.♫


Cost: $4.99

Read the Reviews: iTunes ratings and reviews

Description: In my opinion the GarageBand app is better than the GarageBand for Mac because, as we have experienced with other apps, the app is interactive compared with the Mac program.  And this is perfect for music therapists.  The app boasts all the same recording power as the program, but makes the experience completely interactive! With the touch of a finger you can play keyboards, organs, guitars of every kind and percussion kits.  The options for loops, metronomes, tempo, key changes, stomps, sustain, distortion and much, much more costs less than 5 bucks.  I’ve already gotten my 5 bucks worth and I’ve only had the app for a couple months!

Applications for Music Therapy: Recording, songwriting, rapping, fostering creativity and musicality, developing musical skills and familiarity with a variety of musical instruments, promoting self-esteem, improving listening skills…and the list goes on and on!  GarageBand can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be for each client!

Apple’s Promo Video for GarageBand: If I can’t convince you, the video will. =)


Thanks so much for tuning in to the 12 Apps of Christmas…and have a Merry App-ing Christmas!!! =)